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We recently remodeled our master bathroom. One of the first steps in the project was the removal of a six-foot-wide mirror from the wall. It now leans against our bedroom wall, but it has been rotated. Instead of being six-foot-wide, it is now six-foot-tall which gives me a totally different perspective than before. We do not intend to leave it there permanently yet I have grown accustomed to the benefits of a tall mirror.

This mirror gives me the opportunity to reflect upon my physical appearance. I can see an entire outfit from head to toe and decide if it looks appropriate for the occasion. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror with a selection of jewelry to make a decision. Unfortunately, I also see the aging process taking place quicker than I would like. But according to Job 12:12 “Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old.” So, if aging gives me wisdom I will take it all in stride.

What my mirror can’t show me is my inner beauty, my wisdom, or my soul. No man-made item can show these items only a sovereign God has this ability. Our souls are a deep part of us which can only be strengthened through a relationship with Christ. We often neglect our own soul even though the condition of our soul will determine our outlook on life.

The Biblical wisdom referred to in Job is not wisdom you and I just stumble upon. Our relationship with Christ directly impacts our wisdom, which in turn affects the condition of our soul. Much like your relationships with your spouse, friends, or co-workers, your connection with Christ needs nurtured. You have to continually work on your relationship to make it stronger.

In his study, Soul Keeping[i], John Ortberg says, “We live in a world that teaches us to be more concerned with the condition of our cars, or our careers, or our portfolios than the condition of our souls. Maybe because a dent in a soul is more easily concealed than a dented car. Maybe because a dented soul is harder to fix. After a while, the dents pile up, and they stop bothering us. We hardly notice. One dent more isn’t going to make much difference.”

Just like the directional change of the mirror gave me a new perspective of myself, Jesus is the only One who can give us a new perspective on the condition of our soul. Ortberg goes on to say, “I am responsible to take care of my soul not just for my own sake. The condition of my soul will affect the people around me, just as when my body is sick. It can infect others who get too close.”

In order for us to care for our souls we need to have a healthy relationship with Christ. Solomon tells us “The Lord grants wisdom! From his mouth come knowledge and understanding (Proverbs 2:6).”Even though the Lord grants us wisdom, we have to seek and desire it. A relationship with God is no different than a relationship with a loved one. It can wither, be stagnant, or grow and bloom.

My first book, Bloom Where You’re Planted, was a set of devotions written to help you see God in your everyday life. Live Life in Full Bloomis the same principle. It’s not about the mutation of a purple iris to a white one, or a baby bird which startled me, or my brother-in-law’s new toilet (all devotions in this book). The stories are simply a means to see God in every aspect of our lives. In return, our relationship with the Lord will grow. This growth will give us a healthier soul. A healthy soul will help you focus on the promises of God and bloom in your ministry.

In Live Life in Full Bloom every devotion will be different. Some will contain the scripture, others will only share the reference. The length will vary and the platform will change. The variety leaves the challenge up to you. You have the choice to make. Do you desire to know God more? Will you take the relationship further and dig deeper each day to fill a void in your soul? Or do you allow the moment to pass and simply whisk it away with the other clutter in your life? As you read each devotion, allow the message to resonate in your heart. Ask Jesus to open your heart to its significance or a passage of scripture. I pray you will rate the condition of your soul a little higher on our scale of 1-10 by the time you read the conclusion.

So, on a scale of 1-10, 1 your soul is in utter turmoil and 10 your soul is in excellent condition and connected to God, what number would you select?



Mary Rodman

Mary is an Award Winning #1 Best Selling Author. Through her unique, homespun style of writing and speaking, Mary intertwines life situations with biblical insights to empower you. She will enlighten and brighten your relationship with Christ through her adventures, struggles, and blessings. Mary and her husband, Jim, enjoy family, friends farm life and vacations. She is a farm girl, who discovered her niched as a Christian author & speaker. Her greatest joy is empowering others to become Irrepressible Disciples with Jesus! Mary is the author of the "Bloom Daily Devotional Series" & "The Irrepressible Disciple Series." Her devotionals, journals and Bible studies are available at

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