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Bloom in God's Promises

Another delightful and life transforming devotional. Thanks for sharing your life experiences in a Godly way, so that we can look at our own lives with hope, gratitude, laughter and faith. ~Amazon May 2021, Mary Rogers

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Good Christian book/study based on scripture . Written with day to day experiences.

General reading and women’s Bible study. Just a wonderful writing style. Uplifting. It makes you giggle from your own relatable experiences. ~Amazon July 2021, dkj

Daily Devotion

This devotion book encourages you to look at everyday things or occurrences and see God’s hand. The author’s description of her highs and lows connect with the reader. She then supports each situation with Biblical text to further our understanding. Her book encourages us to laugh at ourselves and grow as Christians. It is a book you can pick up and read anytime and find a chapter that meets your needs.. ~Amazon May 2021, JS

Live Life in Full Bloom

What a beautiful devotional book! I love the wonderful stories Mary weaves throughout the book. She is a gifted writer sharing hope and the love of our God, who makes our lives far from mundane. Even in sharing about her bathroom remodel, she shares golden nuggets like, “I pray every drop of water from my new rain shower head will remind me Christ washes away my sins.” Awesome! ~Amazon May 2019, Doris Swift

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Uplifting and inspirational readings

This is the second book, which I have read by Mary Rodman. The short readings will inspire you to think about happenings in one’s own life and appreciate them as part of God’s plan for us. The readings can be part of one’s daily devotions; or they can be selected based on personal needs. Mary shares her life’s joys and concerns in a way we all can connect. Many readings have suggested Bible readings to challenge us to dig deeper and grow in our faith. This book would be a wonderful addition to any Bible study. I plan to share this book with family and friends as I did with her first one. ~Amazon May 2019, JS

A must read devotional

Mary’s words are from her heart. I can see every story, as if I was standing there watching it happen. I laughed so hard at some of the stories because, life happens in unexpected ways. The stories of her family and friends are heart warming. I am going to go to her site, Mary, and look for the “Blessings “ journal so I can dig deeper into HIS words! Thank you Mary! I look forward to your next book. ~Amazon May 2019, TJG

Transforms daily life into a walk with God

Mary has a great talent for taking everyday happenings, both great and small, and transforming them into moments to be shared with God. She writes with feelings, humor, and a humble heart. It is obvious that she is in a personal relationship with God and her devotions encourage all readers to strive for that same connection. She uses her family and her own experiences as examples to show how the bible is relevant today. This book will be read many times. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.~Amazon May 2019, Michele King

Perfect daily devotional for women!

Having read her first devotional “Bloom Where You’re Planted”, I knew what to expect from “-Full Bloom”. I think this devotional is perfect for a daily quick read, whether you enjoy it with your cup of coffee in the morning or let her stories soak in right before bed. Her devotionals are simplistic yet meaningful and relatable to most all women. I love how she gives suggested Scripture readings to follow up with! ~Amazon May 2019, Amazon Customer

Mary helps us see life from a new perspective. It requires us to slow down!

Mary has a way of taking an ordinary day and seeing God’s blessings and miracles sprinkled throughout. As we rush through our busy lives, we miss so many of these wonderful “gifts.” Take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy Mary’s perspective on living life with our eyes wide open to what God is doing in and around us, every single day. It will bless you to see things from this new awareness of His Presence.~Amazon May 2019, Susan Knight

An amazing devotional!

Live Life in Full Bloom is an amazing devotional. Mary is a wonderful author that uses life experiences to inspire her readers. Each devotional has a real life story that is accompanied with scriptures. Live Life in Full Bloom is a devotional that is a must read! Thanks Mary. ~Amazon May 2019, K. Retterer

Great devotional!

I loved this devotional. A great reminder to look for God in every seemingly ordinary event. Thank you Mary for sharing so much of yourself with us in this second book. I know I probably should have read one devotion a day but I couldn’t put it down. I would highly recommend. ~Amazon May 2019, Kindle Customer

How transforming this book can be in ones life!

This devotional definitely brings to life the Godly lessons we can learn from everyday situations that we all experience. Thanks Mary for showing us, that if we seek God with all our heart, life is no longer mundane! This is a must read! ~Amazon May 2019, Mary Rogers

Bible based scripture and references throughout.

Mary’s book is so easy to relate to with ordinary life stories and how they fit in with the Bible. Very easy to understand and make you want to continue reading. ~Amazon May 2019, dkj

Bloom Where You're Planted

Such a wonderful devotional. Mary writes from the heart with stories everyone can relate to. She also includes bible verses in each story. Thank you Mary! We can’t wait to read your next devotional! ~Amazon October 2019, K. Retterer

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A collection of stories and God’s moments that the author has experienced and wants to share with the reader. The collection covers different subjects and can be a help to all who reads them. She shares how her experiences has helped her grow as a believer and gave her hope many times. The collection can be read as a devotional or just for that moments you need a little encouragement. I found different ones very helpful. There is a table of contents that can be used to direct you to a certain subject in case you want to share a story with your family, friends or study group. They are easy to read with down to earth writing which makes them easy to understand. I think you will enjoy the stories and information the author shares. As the author writes in the introduction:
“Sometimes life offers us sorrow and pain. Though walking through the difficulties of life be can trying, it is during these times that we grow the most. God didn’t promise that all our days would be filled with joy, but He did promise to always be with us.” She hopes her book will help all in need.
The ebook I received was easy to navigate and to take along on trips for those times you wanted to have something to read.
I received this ebook free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggersbook review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 ~Amazon September 2017, G. Winholt

Easy to understand

I’m only a third of the way through the book as I am reading one devotional a day. The stories are heartwarming. Mary writes in a way that is friendly and very thought provoking. Real life stuff, easy to understand. This book will stir your heart to have a deeper relationship with God. Totally enjoying it!! ~Amazon December 2016, Kindle Customer


Reading in our Bible Study. So inspiring! ~Amazon June 2017, perfectonce

It is wonderful how well each chapter is written

It is wonderful how well each chapter is written. I could really relate to the stories and the how they relate to verses in the Bible is great to learn. Great book for all to read and enjoy!~Amazon December 2016, Amazon Customer

I love this devotionals

I love this devotional! It has relatable stories with corresponding scriptures. I loved it so much I bought 2 more copies for family members. ~Amazon December 2016, Beth Mowry

Fabulous Devotional

Loved this book! Would be a great gift for anyone needing encouragement! Mary had a gift for sharing how she sees God all around her. ~Amazon December 2016, Lori

BIG Texas Journey

Such a wonderful devotional. Mary writes from the heart with stories everyone can relate to. She also includes bible verses in each story. Thank you Mary! We can’t wait to read your next devotional! ~Amazon October 2019, K. Retterer

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I have read all of Mary’s books. She is an amazing person. Her story makes me feel like I am sitting next to her as it happens. It’s even better when you can feel the blessings God has given her at the perfect moment that it was needed. It is so good to read a true story that happened. I’m tired of all the make believe stories. ~Amazon June 2023, TJG

Little book, BIG encouragement!

I read this book in one sitting! I just HAD to keep reading to find out what happened next. Mary has a way of telling life stories, even the hard ones, with God’s purpose in mind. She always directs us back to the One who has the answers, our good God. This book would be a great encouragement for anyone struggling though a trial or adversity. It is a great testimony of God’s faithfulness. Thank you Mary! ~Amazon December 2023, Kindle Customer

Journeys remind us of God’s faithfulness.

Mary takes a situation that her husband and her went through, shares it with her readers and ties it through practical application of the scriptures that she was reminded of through their experience. She even provides questions for her readers for a practical application to our own lives. A good reminder that God is faithful and He provides what we
need when we need it.~Amazon June 2023, Amazon Custome

Overcoming Lifes Trials

Mary has the wonderful ability with some humor added, to see God & His blessings in difficult situations. She also with her “big girl panties” statement exemplified the Bible scripture, Philippians 4:13. This book was an inspiration to me to look for the good in people & situations & not the negative. Thanks Mary, for sharing your life with others & for planting those much needed spiritual seeds in us. ~Amazon June 2023, Mary Rogers

Mary Magdalene a Woman of Resilience

The book was very informative and short and quick to study. Easy to understand. ~Amazon March 2020, dkj

Cast the First Stone be Transformed by Grace

I love the contemporary language as it makes for an easy and rewarding reading experience. This Bible grips your attention and keeps you coming back for more. ~Amazon November 2021, Mam