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Weekend Retreat

Mary Rodman at Fellowship of Christian Farmers
Mrs Mary Rodman, Author & Speaker

Who Are You? Discover the Woman God Created You to Be.

“There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!” Provers 31:29

Mary will bring her retreat to your facility. Her self-written retreat will transform your walk with Christ as she shares her funny stories, biblical examples, and powerful messages through these four topics.

Defining Moments

  • Within minutes, the Woman caught in adultery had both good and bad defining moments in her life. The moment she was dragged into public and humiliated, and the moment Jesus said, “Go and sin no more.” Mary will challenge you to see both bad and good defining moments as good when used for God’s glory.

God Loves You

  • The Samaritan Woman made many mistakes in her life, yet Jesus pursued her until she understood she was loved by the Savior of the world. Mary’s words of encouragement will challenge to serve Christ regardless of your past mistakes.

Who Are You?

  • Mary Magdalene was possessed by seven evil spirits. Christ changed her life dramatically and she understood who she was in Christ and how to serve her Savior.

Dare to Dream

  • Caleb dreamed of the Promised Land for over forty years but patiently waited for the Lord to lead the battle. Your dreams will also come into fruition when you align your dreams with God’s will for your life.

This weekend retreat is available in multiple formats.

  • One day version. Mary will provide you with two talks (Who Are You? and Dare to Dream.)
  • Mary as a speaker only. She will present the four talks listed above. You will be provided with breakout questions for your small group leaders in advance.
  • Mary as both the speaker and the facilitator for your event. At the end of each talk, she will facilitate questions and discussions with a larger group of ladies.
  • Optional – Music by Angie Greenwood. Angie’s musical talent as a worship leader and soloist is uplifting and inspirational.

Connect with Mary...

  • Click here to download Mary’s One Sheet summary of her speaking ministry and books.
  • Contact Mary to book her as a facilitator/speaker for your next event.
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