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Mary resides in Radnor Ohio with her husband, Jim. Together they enjoy farm life, hard work, vacations, family and friends. She is a farm girl who has found her niche as an author and a speaker. Mary loves to share about the Lord through both her written and spoken words. Mary loves to share about her life, from struggles to laughter, and how God is always present in all we do.

She is the author of the #1 bestselling devotional books, Bloom Where You’re Planted and Live Life in Full Bloom which are “like sitting down with a mentor and friend as you read.” Her devotional books range from humor to tears as she shares about her experiences in everyday life. Mary’s unique twist to writing intertwines her stories with the gospel. You will find a variety of formats, a few poems, and even a recipe or two created in her own kitchen.

Mary is also the author of Mary Magdalene A Woman of Resilience: 5 Lessons to Develop an Irrepressible Passion for Jesus. The 5 lessons look into the life of this woman who was transformed from a woman possessed by demons into the first witness of Christ’s resurrection.

Cast the First Stone be Transformed by Grace: 5 Lessons to Discover the Irrepressible Grace of Jesus. There she was in the public square being mocked and disgraced. Shame surrounded her like a cloud which would never lift. Did she know enough about God to question His sovereignty? You talk about your bad defining moments in life—this one tops them all!

Mary is currently working on a third devotional book, Bloom in God’s Promises. Stay in touch for updates, new releases, and more information.

Bloom Where You’re Planted, Live Life in Full Bloom, Mary Magdalene a Woman of Resilience,  and Cast the First Stone Be Transformed by Grace are all currently available. Check out different bundles for discounts at

Who is Mary Rodman?

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