Social Media

Last night I read an article about the ten practices which should be eliminated from the church. The writer felt that sermons should be eliminated from the church service, which totally shocked me. They compared the length of the sermon to the attention span of people as a result of social media. They didn’t feel it was a valuable use …

Who Are You?

While Pastor Kathy was leading the Communion mediation, numerous times she asked the question, “Who are you?” The odd thing is, every time she asked the question, she was looking directly at me. I was starting to get a little paranoid and leaned toward my friend Angie and whispered, “Why does she keep looking at me?”

She replied, “I don’t know, but I was wondering the same thing?”

The first time Pastor Kathy asked the question I thought to myself, well I’m Joe Conklin’s daughter. A phrase I have proudly said all of my life. Other thoughts included: Jim Rodman’s wife, Matt and Ryan’s mom, Bill’s sister, author, grandma, friend. All the while I was missing the entire point. What Pastor Kathy was trying to get each of us to understand is who does Christ say we are.

So now I am asking you, “Who are you?”

Long Distance Friend

I have recently become friends with Leah as a result of my first book. We have never met in person. I’m in Ohio and she lives in New York. I love reading her blogs and seeing how her faith is strong through the many struggles in her life. In spite of these struggles she is always focused on Christ and …

Speak from the Heart

Mary Rodman is known for her gifts as a writer and a speaker. Mary has a unique ability to capture the minds and hearts of her listeners, drawing them closer to scripture and daily devotions. She uses daily devotions to help speak to audiences who are looking to grow in their faith. When Mary writes and speaks, she is doing …