Recipes for a Happy Life

Recipes for a Happy Life Blog Post

It is the little things in life that make a huge difference in our hearts. A hug from a child or a friend. Settling in with a good book in the morning sunshine. I few quiet moments with God in the middle of the day. Sometimes it is showering your friends with an unexpected homemade treat!

When life gets super busy, we often miss the moments of splendor, which seem insignificant in the day-to-day struggles. We forget to look at the flowers in bloom, or to take an evening walk. On the rainy days we sulk, instead of anticipating the rainbow which is about to emerge as the sunshine returns.

Our lives can be in turmoil, or even under construction as God pulls at our heart strings to make a change, to see Him more, or to be with Him more. In those moments, look for the little blessings which surround you!

Listen to the birds in the morning sun. Read a good book. Journal your thoughts. Thank God for the many blessings in your life, which you have not acknowledged. Most importantly…watch for the rainbow following the storm, because it is a symbol that God will always keep His promises.

Your rainbow may not be a physical rainbow in the sky, but a moment in time which makes you smile. All too often we miss these golden opportunities in the midst of our storms in life. 

Enjoy Recipes for a Happy Life which I posted on Pinterest. Watch for updates on the progress of Book 3 in the Bloom Daily Devotional Series, Bloom in God’s Promises.

I would love to hear from you. What unexpected blessings did you receive this week which represent your rainbows in life?


  1. Doyenne

    I find some of the most beautiful rainbows, often aren’t rainbows at all! …They are spectacular events, people or conversations that create more color and illumination in our lives… bringing us tremendous joy and oftentimes peace…much like God’s promise as represented by his rainbow in the sky.

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